15 ideas to lead him to crazy during sex

1/15 Hear her little words in her own ear

Throughout the act, there is nothing more thrilling for your better half rather than feel your inhale the crook of his neck and also to drink the language you whisper inside your ear. Raw words or soft words, question in advance individuals he prefers.

2/15 Heriding his hands and the gestures

“A bit more right”, “rather less up”, “slightly more powerful” … guide him (without giving him orders) for your erogenous zones and educate him how you can caress them, will tenfold his senses. Particularly if you bring your feet.

3/15 To affix to the bars from the bed

If men like to dominate, additionally they prefer to seize control from the situation every so often. Tie him towards the bars from the bed with handcuffs or perhaps a scarf and let him know what you’re able to.

4/15 Endoss the nurse costume

Additionally, it works together with the uniform of policewoman, superheroine or maid. To evolve based on his fantasies.

5/15 Play with a piece of ice

Once the temperatures are at its peak, walk along her body with a piece of ice in her own mouth. The contrast of cold and hot will place it in most its forms!

6/15 Giving a sensual massage

Sift the sunshine, snap a gentle and captivating music, have an oil or perhaps a massage candle and awaken its senses by wandering their hands on his body. A skid is rapidly showed up … Attention, you risk to really make it crazy of enjoyment!

7/15 Slide her finest group of lingerie

Garper, stockings, garter belt … remove the large game, men love sexy lingerie! To maximise the result, use (and abuse) your charms while strolling using the whole evening. As well as if it doesn’t take lengthy to get rid of your under garments, his senses is going to be all exhilarated.

8/15 Dance for him

Without visiting the striptease, to experience a sensual and languorous dance underneath the eyes of the partner. Amazed, he’ll hurry that will help you go without your clothes.

9/15 Penting him over and over

It’s stated and repeated, preliminaries are merely essential. Have a lengthy, (very lengthy) moment to caress one another without transmission. The second are only more serious after!

10/15 Take a baby shower with two

Before you go to bed, train your lover within the shower. Lather the soapy lightly rub his body. The temperature should rise rapidly without you getting to the touch the faucet!

11/15 Use a adult toy

Adult sex toys is nice, two, it’s better still! Cockring, rabbit, rc egg … you will find today a large number of naughty toys to make use of to create two vibrate his sex existence.

12/15 Title your erogenous zones

To provide pleasure to some man, it’s not enough to obsess with his penis. Take a desire for each erogenous zone of his body. Her earlobes, her neck, her nipples …

13/15 Make love before one

In addition exciting than watching yourself being petted to see your lover appreciate it?

14/15 Have her compliments

Even when they reveal it under us, men enjoy being complimented. Flat it around the pillow, he’ll thanks.

15/15 Send her sex

No, this practice isn’t restricted to youthful couples. On the other hand! Send a naughty text for your companion in the break dj and you can be certain he’ll hop on you when you are getting back. And when you accompany it having a photo, the result is much more radical.

Would you like to make Monsieur curtains climb? Try our 15 ideas to lead him to crazy during sex.

The pathways that cause excitement are various and orgasm isn’t (fortunately) restricted to transmission. A truth valid for men and women.

You will find ladies, contrary to public opinion, male pleasure is equally as complex and hard to attain as those of women. To stimulate it, nothing much better than lengthy preliminaries upstream but you may also use and abuse small stratagems throughout the act they are driving him crazy.

Enhance the temperature and send your half to seventh paradise with this 15 hot tips. To uncover within our slideshow.